Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A day out with my mum

More pigs ( photo's came up in wrong order....... Blah )
And more pigs.
For some strange reason we have these pigs in the middle of Rundle Mall. Kids love them, you quite often see kids trying to put their fingers in the pigs noses. I tried to take a pictue of the little boy doing it but his Mum started giving me funny looks.

Cupid displays in shop windows. Ready for valentines day already.

Miss B was in a weird mood and wasn't letting us take pictures of her so this is what we got. Her feet.

We spent the day walking and walking and walking. Up and down the Mall, into Spotlight and Lincraft to look at yarn ( of course), into the camera shop to get pictures developed, into Hungry Jacks for lunch. Down one arcade and up the other, just looking looking and more looking. Once we had enough with the looking we decided we need another day out at the real yarn stores, you know , the ones that actually sell sock yarn and stuff........
I have no Idea when this outing will eventuate but it is definately one that I will be making happen. Might be an idea to wait a couple of weeks and put some money aside.
I do have one problem though....... Do I really want my Mum to know how much I am prepared to spend on yarn???

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