Friday, January 27, 2006

All about socks........ again.

Even in the 40 degree heat ( 104f) I have still been knitting.......... Just very slowly. I seem to be doing more planning of knitting than actual knitting. I suddenly want to knit blankets or throws. Things that you use when it's cold. I want it to be cold. I am so sick of being hot, of not wanting to do anything much or go anywhere and just feeling tired and drained from the heat. I want some cold days where I can really enjoy knitting and not just do a few rows here and there because it's too hot.

I don't even know why I want to make a blanket as I will probably never finish one........ I just want to .... hmm

But yes anyway........... socks

No one said they had to match.

The start of the second sock, picot edging still on dpn's

Sock slowly growing and transfered to circular

Proof that I have started the second sock of each pair. Also proof that I am officially crazy . Putting socks on in 40 degree heat just to take photos is crazy........ right?

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