Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When whole posts dissapear.....

Crap! Crap! Crap!!!!!
Lets just put the kettle on and start again shall we???

Ok I have a cup of tea and some Lindt chocolate.

Let's just say Donna has been brilliant and spent way more time and energy than I ever expected to photagraph all her needles for me. Go on, go and have a look. She makes all my affordable, easily accessable Birch and Pony needles look rather boring after seeing her fabulous Lisa G's. Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh she is also the queen of circulars. I have never seen so many circulars. My LYS doesn't even have that many circulars I'm sure.Donna has an astounding amount of needles, an enormous amount, a huge amount. An amount that means I can happily and free of guilt continue buying more needles. LOL
I think Donna's house is really a secret yarn shop. I just have to figure a way to teleport myself accross a couple of states so I can go and play with all the pretty needles.

Katie has also promised to Flash her needle stash in the near future so keep an eye out for that. I can't wait.

I have jumped on the Crazy Aunt Purl bandwagon and will be making some fuzzy feet too. They have been sitting on the sidebar long enough and they are something simple to work on in between Tafe assignments. Who knows I might actually finish these. So many projects.. such a short attention span..

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Donna said...

And believe it or not, we live in a *tiny* little 2 bedroom villa. Hubby would totally agree that the place is better stocked than any yarn store we've ever been in ;)
What can I say? I'm more than just a yarn whore, I'm a knitting whore ;)