Friday, October 21, 2005

Trendy Sheep huh?

After looking at my quiz result of trendy sheep I kind of went nope thats not me. Ok so yes there are times I do knit what others are knitting because I have been inspired by pictures on blogs ect. But then I also knit what I want in whatever colour or yarn I want, even if everyone else around me totally hates it.
The fact that I knit at all is definately not a sheep following behaviour around here. Very few people that I spend time with actually knit. All of one other person really. ( Hiya Ann)
So if you could see the looks and stares I get when knitting at Tafe you would see how unsheeply my behaviour is.I haven't seen another person knit at Tafe at all. Actually what is really funny are the looks and strange comments I get when I decide to knit socks at Tafe. The comments are strange in that they aren't really even comments... people just have no idea what to say when you tell them you are knitting socks.

Socks, why on earth would anyone want to knit socks?? You can see the question on peoples faces. Yes it's the same question I thought originally. So I can totally relate to their total unability to comprehend. I vaguely explain it's one of those things that they just wont ever understand untill they wear a pair of handknit socks. That after wearing handknit socks the store bought ones just aren't the same. It is something that only sock knitters will ever understand fully and that no I am NOT going to be making them handknit socks .
These people may never understand the joys of handknit socks and to be totally honest it doesn't bother me, it leaves more sock yarn for me.He he he.

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