Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Escaping from the frogpond

The retro ribby sock has almost escaped from the frogpond. The 3 rows I did the other day that looked wrong......... they were wrong. I was somehow reading row 1 from the right section and row 2 from another section of the pattern, no wonder it wasn't working. So yes they were ripped and re knit. Only 6 rows or so have been knit so I'm not quite ready to say that these are totally out of the frogpond just yet as I seem to be stuffing them up so easily. And yet its really not a hard pattern. I just keep loosing count.

C's Brown Beanie has been reincarnated after all. It is about 4 cm of k1,p1 rib at the moment but is definately looking much more user friendly that what I was trying to make previously.

Miss B's Blue Jumper has grown too, is almost to the armhole decreases on the back.

The Market Bag is exactly where I left it on the floor in disgust when I discovered my mix up with the colours. I am dreading having to rip back those two rows with all those stitch markers every 10 stitches. Yep I was using stitch markers and still managed to stuff up. So much for my one mistake thing.

Speaking of stitch markers I need some more. There are 20 of them on the market bag at the moment and I am all out. Yes I know , having 20 stitch markers seemed like a lot till they are all taken up by one project. I went to spotlight earlier in the week and bought the rings and wires so this afternoon should be a good time for Miss B and I to get a lil creative. I am hoping that with some pretty stitch markers Miss B will have a lil more interest in her knitting. Or maybe just an interest in earning more pocket money to buy more bead - y stuff. I'll be happy either way as long as it's an interest other than playstation.

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