Monday, October 03, 2005

Where did the productivity go?

I have no idea because everything I seem to knit now is being frogged for one reason or another. I was working on the market bag and doing the colourwork but for some reason where it was meant to be red I did white and vise versa, so it needs to be frogged again.
I looked at the retro ribby sock and it looked back after 3 rows and I can't tell if it look right or if its just wishful thinking on my part but at the moment it isn't holding my interest.
With c's beanie, neither of us was happy with how it was looking so it got frogged. Now I'm not so happy with C so it may not be reincarnated any time soon.
C doesn't want me to be there when he goes out for his birthday with his friends........ kind makes me feel like he doesn't want me around at all if he doesnt want me there for something like his birthday. I haven't decided how I want to react to this at the moment. part of me wants to walk away and make it easy for him.... let him have his freedom if its what he really wants. And part of me just can't believe he doesnt want me there, why be with me for a year if I just don't matter???

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