Saturday, October 22, 2005

On Frogpond Escapability

Why is it that some projects don't even make it to the frogpond?

Some projects you drop a stitch, pick it up and continue on your way no frogpond nessessary.

Some projects require a bit more repair and might stay in the frogpond overnight, just until you can face the repair work in the light of day.

But other projects seem to just live in the frogpond. The projects that you are too scared to even let out of the frogpond for fear you will some how instantly do something that requires an immediate return to the frogpond.

For me this project is the Retro Ribby Sock. Don't ask why as it isn't a complicated pattern. Its just one I need to concentrate on and as soon as I get even slightly distracted I loose count, drop stitches and other unknitterly behaviour happens.( insert swearing and much stomping and glaring at misbehaving project)
So yes I have been working on the RRS but am leaving it in frogpond status on the sidebar. So one day you will come along and RRS will be a completed project without ever having had a progress bar to follow or even officially leaving it's home in the pond.

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