Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back on track...

The Market Bag is back on track with the colours in the right place this time. Only a couple of more rows to do on the colour work and then my problem will be how do I want the handles. I could just follow the pattern but I'm not sure that is how I want them. I am thinking perhaps a bit longer.
But then this may turn out to be a yarn storage bag in which shorter handles would be fine.

Miss B and I finally made some stitch markers. During the process I managed to drop a tray of beads on the floor and they went everywhere. All in the grooves between the floorboards, all over the floor, under the coffee table. Perhaps beading should be done at the kitchen table in future.
So I picked up as many as I could and then had to sweep up the rest along with some cat fur and fluff. It doesnt matter how often you sweep there is always cat fur and fluff in between the floorboards. I put those ones in a ziplock bag to possibly be rescued from cat fur at a later date and just used some other beads.

By the time I had done that I had lost interest in making stitchmarkers right then, but I had promised Miss B so I ended up finishing a set I had started previously and made another set but this time of 4. The beads I was working with didn't seem to be able to thread onto the wire sticks, the holes were to small. Just wasn't working for me so I decided to leave beading till another time.

Miss B had a ball though, laughing at me picking up all the beads and fighting with the cat for them. She made her markers and they are really cute. She has made each marker totally unique. I think another trip to the beads store may be in the plans next week.

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