Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Morning

Yep. It's Monday morning again. I can almost breathe, I slept a little and I even managed to make my hands co - operate with my brain......... I managed to knit on the socks.... they are up to the toes, so hopefully, hopefully will be done sometime today. I would garantee they will be done except fot the fact I have to go to Tafe today and the fact that I still feel ok for a while and then totally unexpectedly need to lay down . Which of course means nothing may end up being done on these socks afterall. But having said that the fact that there are only the toes to go should be some sort of incentive. Especially as if they are finished I can actually do some guilt free knitting and knit something else. Who knows I may even get motivated to try and finish something else. Or maybe I'll just cast on for something else with the needles that would be freed up if these socks were done. Either way it would be some very welcome variety.

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