Monday, September 19, 2005

Scarf knitting

The Debbie Bliss Lace Scarf is moving along nicely. Will probably only need one more ball of yarn to finish. Whoot a project thats for me. So nice.
Then I still have my huge list of UFO's to work on. And the list of things I want to make that are still all in my head. Blah. I have to say I am loving having everything added to the side bar even if I do keep remembering something else to add after I publish the blog. It makes it easy to see what I am doing and choose what to work on.
I also don't feel so bad about the UFO"s since I can also see the FO's. All those FO's have been started and completed this year in between starting other things, studying, working and raising Miss B. Ok a lot of those projects are small like socks, but since I started studying I don't get much knitting time anymore so I am quite proud of what I have finished. Especially as I know just how easily distracted I can be by yarn shopping and blog reading, both of which take away precious knitting time.

Apparantly the waiting list just got longer as two of my sisters visited on the weekend and both mentioned that handknitted socks would be nice for Christmas Hint Hint.
Well I made them both measure their feet and said no promises about Christmas or any other particular time but at least this way if I happen to feel like making more socks I have their measurements. Hmmmmmmm I wonder they would be happy if I gave them each a sock pattern, some sock yarn and some dpn's for Christmas.........lazy lazy knitter aren't I?
Nooooooooooooooo don't answer that.

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