Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Whoot Socks Recieved!!!

And what gorgeous socks they are , yummy scrummy purple goodness. I adore them. So does Miss B. ( This could be a problem) They are from Katie in Indiana. Thankyou so much Katie.
Actually Katie sounds a lot like me. She worries about the little mistakes in her knitting. You know....... the ones no one else would even notice and even another knitter would really have to hunt for. Believe me most of us knitters are more worried about what mistakes we are making in our own knitting to worry about yours. Besides I have given up....... I can't seem to complete a project without having one mistake in it somewhere. Even if I think I have done it perfectly, months later I will find it. It being my "one mistake trademark".

The funny thing is that since I have accepted my one mistake thing I seem to be making less mistakes.
SHHHHHHHH I shouldn't have said that cause now I will be stuffing up absolutely everything.

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