Friday, September 23, 2005

Teaching Knitting?

I found an add in the local paper. A woman wants to learn to knit and crochet. My first reaction was to call her and offer to teach her to knit. But then I got scared. What if I can't teach her? What if I suddenly stuff up everything I try and knit? If I did try and teach her where would I do it? I don't want a complete stranger coming to my home. What if she has already found someone to teach her?

Part of me would love to do this as I'd love to find more people to knit with and I enjoy watching people as they suddenly grasp how it all works.

Crap. I've just jumped in and sent a text to this lady with my number and saying I can teach her to knit. Well I guess now it's up to her to get back to me and discuss what she wants to know and arrange a time to get together. A text probably isn't the best way to go but I don't see that I should pay the cost of calling her mobile when it's me that would be helping her out. I hate calling peoples mobiles and tend to only do so in an emergency.

And in knitting news I am knitting C's brown beanie. Damn is this one slow going, 128 sts on 3mm needles. I must be insane as its killing my fingers........ I hope he doesn't want it in a hurry as it is quite likely to get put down and then pushed aside and hidden while I work on other projects. Really I should be working on other projects........ some things have been waiting way too long and others wouldn't take much to actually finish. And others....... well maybe I'll frog them..... its a really quick way of finishing . Just not very satisfactory as there is no finished object at the end.

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