Sunday, September 18, 2005

Messing about with the sidebar

Yep the sidebar had indeed been messed about with. I actually figured out how to add the percentage bars and the list of projects I am currently working on. Ok So i'm not working on all of them right now............ some of them have been sitting in a corner all on their own for quite some time. And I have possibly forgotten a few. And I haven't added everything to the on the waiting list section.... just because I'd never be able to add absolutely everything.This list is constantly changing anyway depending on what I see in magazines, what I see out there in blogland and what yarn I happen to get my little mitts on.

The sockpal2za socks were sent off on Friday along with another package which is going to a friend in London. Now I just have to wait for everyone to get their packages. Oh yeah..... and I have to wait to get mine.
Isn't it funny... the whole time while making the socks for someone else you are so distracted by making them that you pretty much forget you are going to get some socks yourself. This is the time you start wondering about who your sock pal is and what socks you will recieve. Will they be the colours you like? will they fit? Basically all the questions you wondered about the socks you were sending but now in reverse.

As for the second package I know it will be liked as it isn't for anything in particular, just a surprise. Just a lil thinking of you package.

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