Saturday, September 17, 2005


This is a snippet of an e mail I sent to someone explaining my feelings on knitting.

I love starting something, seeing the texture and colour, watching the pattern emerge and how the yarn knits up and watching it grow. Because at the begining of a project it all seems to grow really quickly.

But then you get to The Middle. By this point I am curious about other patterns/yarn , am sick of the sight of the colour of the yarn I am using. The growing of my knitting seems to be non existant no matter how much i knit.

This is the point I usually start something else aswell as mentally start/imagine many projects. Enough said argh.

But then If I can get past that....... Usually it involves a sock or beanie distraction before I can look at first project again, makes it almost seem like a new project again. ( blah even a sock can call for a sock distraction, the heel =middle LOL )

Then I get to The End.............. and I LOVE the end, that last third or quarter of a project where you can totally see how it is all going together. The part where you know you should have enough yarn left but still always wonder with every project. The part where for some strange reason the knitting is growing again and the closer you get to The End the faster it grows. Just when you were enjoying knitting it again, it wants to finish on you.

And then it's done. And I just sit and stare. And am always amazed. Amazed at what I have managed to create with just needles and yarn, some patience and time.

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mommy22ss said...

I've never learned to knit but would love to. I do crochet a little, very little. I love your blog! It's so pretty.