Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sewing = Scaring People

Sewing........ umm me sew. Yes it's rather amusing.

Firstly I scared the lady in Spotlight as I bought fabric and not yarn.
Secondly I scared Miss B by running off with the extention cord that is normally reserved for playstation.
And thirdly I scared myself ........ what the hell was I trying to do? I can't sew.
Or cut straight . Or anything even remotely necessary to make anything resemble what I want it to look like when a sewing machine is anywhere near me.

But I tried it anyway. And made myself a needle roll for my dpn's.

And ended up learning that you really should sew up all the lines for the inside part before you attach the backing. Otherwise you have lines going through all the pieces of your fabric.
Some of my lines are really rather wonky even though I did use a ruler and mark them out. But no you really shouldn't mark it out with pen........ tailors chalk would have been the better option..... I was just too lazy to go hunting for some.

Overall I am still really happy with my needle roll as considering I had NO idea of what I was doing I ended up with something that looks pretty much like I wanted it to and is totally usable. Actually I love it. Damn so does Miss B. Actually Miss B seems to be loving all my stuff at the moment. I think I need to find some good hiding places.

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