Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scary Orange Sock

One scary orange sock almost completed, it just has to be grafted. It's a very very BRIGHT orange sock. All I can say is unfortunately I don't think it will be possible to loose these socks when they are done. And if Miss B does mysteriously manage to loose them I want to know how!!! They are shockingly bright.
Speaking to bf last night and after discussing beanies for months and not being able to choose a wool that he likes ( this is after walking through both spotlight and lincraft) he finally said" How long will it take you to knit a beanie?"
I said " Well it would be quicker if you actually chose a wool"
He says " Use any damn wool it was cold this morning"
He he he and yes at 5: 30 am when he goes to work it is freezing.
So after rejecting all the various shades of grey he has now decided I can even use black after all just because he was cold. Am very tempted to make it in a bright pink just because he said use any damn wool he he he.

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