Saturday, May 07, 2005

One Blue Sock

Yes One blue sock completed......... Just have to do the other one now....... And the other millions of socks I want to make. The sock was made with cleckheaton country 8 ply in a lovely cornflower blue on 3.75 mm dpn's.
I have been looking up 2circ patterns but they just look so fidley that I haven't attempted it yet..... Also looks less transportable . Although it probably would make sure that my socks turned out exactly the same as I always seem to change the pattern slightly and then can never remember exactly where when I do the second sock.
Miss B wants a pair of orange socks.......blah don't ask me but I said I would make them........ I know I am crazy........ I don't like orange. Hee Hee it gets better........ They have to have orange fluffy stuff on the top of the ribbing. I can comply with this request due to Spotlight having crappy fluffy stuff on sale for 50 cents a ball. Gotto love Spotlight for keeping Lil girls happy........ And big girls too

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