Sunday, April 23, 2006


It would seem I wasn't the only one who decided to set myself a deadline or mimimum limit of how much I had to knit this weekend before I could move on to something else. Tigers also set herself a knitting minimum of getting to the heels of her socks before casting on another pair.

I set myself a goal of finishing those Zhivago gloves that have been sitting around forever and getting the leg of the Jaywalker sock done.

I managed to complete the challenge, but look what happened...........

Ummmmmm............ are you speechless???

I was.

The big glove was knit first, I am guessing about 6 months ago.
It was also knit flat.
After knitting it flat and having to seam all those fingers, I hated it and ignored it.
When I came back to do the second one I decided to avoid seaming and knit the glove on dpn's in the round. This worked in theory......... just gave me a totally different gauge. That and the amount of time left in between. OOOOPs.

Lessons learnt..........
*I hate knitting fingers and will probably never make another pair of gloves
* I will happily make mittens

* Must make mittens immediately after one another to solve sizing issues.
* Dpn's are definitely the way to go........... I hate seaming .


Tigers said...

Oh No!
What are you going to do?

Frog one and reknit or make another two the same??

I know what I'd do - hide 'em, no I'd frog and reknit. Or can you stretch it?

Lynne said...

golly - I hope you know someone with hands that are different sizes! Amazing what a difference time and different needles make.

Sharon said...

If you have enough yarn, burn the first one, or toss it out and pretend it never existed and then make another on dpns to match the other one.

Well that is what I would do and whats more I would have great delight in the burning ceremony ;)

laurie in maine said...

OMG the gloves! THAT is the reason my blog is titled: Socks have NO thumbs!! (Or fingers!!!) lol I thought I just had to pick up knitting needles after 15 years and make a pair of beaded gloves from a book I came across. Managed 4 of the fingers - all different sizes before I remembered I didn't even like making thumbs...what was I thinking? I threw it away and never looked back. Decided to learn socks in December - LOVE them! Might give mittens another try but never gloves!!

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