Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forest Canopy Cowl

Forest Canopy Cowl

I used 1 skein of Malabreigo Silky Scrumminess and followed the pattern exactly.

What is even better is that it has gotten cold enough to wear it now.

I had been lazy and used a longtail cast on when making my previous Gretel's, but I really wanted to do this one right. I finally got brave enough to tackle the tubular cast on required for Gretel and while it's a bit fidley I love how it looks.

I have been sick for what feels like forever. Between being at the hospital, my doctors and in bed I haven't been doing much of anything except feel awful and whinge a lot.

I am feeling half human now and get to play catch up with everything that had been left and right now I am really not sure where to start.
The tafe pile is overflowing and I am not sure it is humanly possible to get it all done.
I guess all I can do is start and go from there.


Donna said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! The cowl is gorgeous!

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