Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mail and balloon blocking.

I love receiving mail, especially when it's from a fellow blogger.

2Paw was holding a giveaway on her blog and I managed to snaffle this lemony coin purse, perfect for storing stitch markers in. Thank you so much Cindy.

I decided to block some beanies on balloons and see how it worked.

Firstly Porom, because although I had worn this hat a few times I had never actually blocked it.

And then Beanpole Beanie. (Ravelry link.)
Made using Cleckheaton Country 8 ply.
4 mm & 4.5 mm needles.

Both hats have come out considerably larger since their dunking. I am hoping they shrink a little while drying but it looks like I may have to reconsider what needle size I use for future hats.


Rell said...

You are the enabler aren't you. Looks like that I will have to knit my self the beanstalk beanie. Just have the right bottle green 8ply yarn too. Thank you for the Balloon Blocking lesson.

2paw said...

Oh I am so happy it arrived safely and has a purpose in purse life now!!!
Nice beanies and most amusing blocking technique!! I look terrible in most hats but I like to knit them for other people. The Beanpole one is very nice indeed!!!