Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Don't be Scared

But I actually swatched this time.

I swatched the Debbie Bliss Aran Cashmerino for tubey and got the stitch gauge but not the row gauge.I am a couple of rows short but you can always just keep knitting till it's long enough......... right??? Just say yes ok.

While I was swatching I aslo swatched the blue gusto yarn on a 9mm needle.

Way. To. Small.

The 10mm needles I used originally obviously made it Way. To.Big.

Do I try using the smaller needle size and make a pattern size larger?
Does that work?
Or is there another option?

Get someone who can actually get gauge to knit it for me??
Ok Just dreaming.

Tubey finally has both sleeves. Can I just say I never really realized how long my arms are. No they probably aren't any longer than anyone elses. They just seem really long when you have to knit every single stitch of every single row to cover them.

And picking up all those stitches . Argh. Way too many stitches that just didn't want to be picked up evenly. The first time I tried most of the stiches were on one side of the body and very few on the other.

I spent a day procrastinating over this but finally managed to do it........ kind of. The stitches could still be more evenly spaced but it was about as good as I was going to get without wearing out the yarn.

And so onto the body. And ribbing.

I have all of 2 cm of the body done. Ribbing hurts my hands. But at least there are no more stitches to pick up.

It feels weird to not have finished something by now. I have gotten used to working on lots of small things, that have fairly quick results. I am looking forward to making something quick once Tubey is done.

I also know I will appreciate tubey so much more for the time it took to make. I just wish it would hurry up!


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