Monday, March 13, 2006

Home Again

I survived the flights.
All 4 of them.
I knitted on pens.
I got ink all over my hands.
I will be undoing what I did knit on the plane as it just isn't what I wanted.
But at least I got to knit during the flight.

Meanwhile Miss B's Nanna was trying to convince me it's ok, the plane is really a big bus....
Some bus......... I don't know of any busses that don't stay on the road where they are supposed to and I sure don't know of any busses with wings.

I'm glad to be home, I missed my own bed, my own space and my knitting. Most of all I missed my cats.

As to where I actually was for a week, I was in Bundaberg QLD.
Miss B's Great Grandma was celebrating her 81st birthday and all the family went.
And yes I mean all the family, even those of us who aren't technically family, we just happen to be the mothers of the great grandchildren.

I almost felt sorry for Miss B's dad as he had two of his ex's aswell as his current girlfriend all staying at the same place. I said almost, o k I lied, I found it amuzing.

I also found it reassuring, I definately did the right thing leaving him all those years ago.

Unfortunately the humidity there killed me, very little knitting got done at all even with all the time spent sitting around consuming rediculous amounts of alcohol and having random discussions just because it was too hot to sleep and everyone wanted to chatter and catch up.

So no finished tubey to show as I was hoping, but I did come home with some goodies. Pics later when I can be bothered unpacking the camera :)


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