Monday, August 13, 2007

Another sleeve to go

Wicked just needs another sleeve. I need some time to actually knit that sleeve.

This is so frustratingly close to being done that I want to ignore the world and just get it done.

Life of course has other plans.
Plans like the Mt Pleasant Fiber Festival that Tigers and I went to on Saturday with the girls.
The fiber festival where I was remarkably restrained and didn't purchase any yarn.
No yarn came home with me at all. This was partly due to lack of lighting near the handpainted yarns, I can't choose something if I can't see it; and partly due to my plan of not buying small amounts of yarn that I end up not knowing what to do with.
I still have the purple handspun I purchased last year which I can't decide if it is destined for mittens or socks.
I left the fleece behind too, same story, I still have last years taunting me that I have never learnt to spin.
I was hoping to find a swift but didn't see one.....
Books... My wishlist included Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits and Favourite Socks.
I came home with Fitted Knits and am waiting for Favourite Socks to arrive.
Miss B's list consisted of ....... Fudge.
She found fudge and was happy.


Michelle said...

what pattern is the sweater that you're knitting? i love the colour! it's looking really nice ^_^

Leonie said...

I went to the fair too. But I bought yarn as well as books. I had hoped to find a drop spindle there but probably was lucky not to if you know what I mean.......

2paw said...

Wicked looks, well, wicked!! So close and just a sleeve to go!! No wonder you are all ansty!!!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Oh no! 2paw beat me to the wittily obvious - great minds etc etc :)
I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product! And hey, if you have purple handspun you don't know what to do with, I'm sure I could put you out of your misery and provide it with alternative accommodation down south ;>
Nice restraint at the festival - wixh me similar at next weekend's craft fair!