Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Now it's purple's turn

The Project Spectrum triad of purple, orange and brown has arrived and it feels like I have been waiting for this segment of project spectrum since the begining.

Purple is a colour that I really like and yet I don't seem to work with it very often. I am particular about the shades of purple that I like and often end up taking blue or pink yarn home instead.

Brown is pretty low in my preference list generally and often only makes it's way into my basket for the purpose of making C a beanie. Having said that there is a Noro combination with purples and brown in it that I'd like to play about with.

Orange. Miss B likes orange. I don't mind it on other people but I really don't like it for myself.
I think the only orange in my stash is a splash of orange in a multicoloured ball of sockyarn.
I seriously doubt orange will get a look in during the next two months.

Purple obviously has priority for me during this triad and so far my present list of projects to work on consists of:

I am loving this.

Sidar Eternity Pullover.

And for some brown I have the adore socks on the needles.

What's on your list???


amanda j said...

Ooh, your WICKED looks lovely. I love purple too but rarely work with it.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

You want purple?? Come to visit!! Actually, I could do an entire Flickr Photoset on the purple in our house..actually, not a bad idea!! If only I had joined up with Project Spectrum this year!
And I love the Adore Sock! I was wondering how it would knit up (I have a ball waiting for attention - in that very colourway). It reminds me of dark-chocolate dipped raspberries..mmm.. choc-laaaaate :P
ps where is wicked from? ow hte name, can't quite bring the source to mind (nothing to do with a glass-and-a-half of red at my elbow, nononononooooo)

Chrisknits said...

I love brown! It's one of my favs at the moment. Especially brown and limey green! Only color I don't really like is purple! Oh well, at least with different color tastes we all can find yarn we like.

2paw said...

The Adore knits up as a very fine 4ply. It is lovely though, I have made socks too. Great purple colours. I agree about the difficulty with purple. I had to look very hard for the right colour for a friend.