Friday, October 05, 2007

Ribby Pulli - Progress???

This is how close to being done the Ribby Pullover was on Tuesday night.

I tried it on and love it.

All except the mis matching ribs where the body and arms meet.
The ribs are out by one stitch and in my more" fudge it" moods I figure my hair will cover the bits I am not happy with.

In reality I know I wont wear it like this and not being totally happy with it is the main reason I haven't finished it.


Time to rip.


Chrisknits said...

You have way more nerve than I. I would have left it and put a scarf over it!

2paw said...

It looks so lovely too!! But I know I am the same: try to talk myself into leaving it, but in the end it just has to be fixed!!!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Here here - if you can't live with it, you have to fix it, else you'll always regret it, sighing over what might have been as you drown you sorrows with cheap wine and a three-day-growth... oh, wrong gender, um... to pick up from "you'll always regret it" - sighing over what might have been as you lie on the lounge, teacups and chocky wrappers scattered over the coffee table, hugging your pour ribby pulli to your chest as you watch Love Actually for the twelfth time...
And we all know you are too strong a woman to go down that road!

knit chick said...

You're almost there, but I know what you mean about having the mistake bug you. I just started mine. Your almost-completed Pulli is my inspiration after seeing it on Ravelry.