Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ribby Pulli is done!!!

Finally! It is done. I have been wearing it all day and I love it.
I wish I had stuck with it and finished it sooner.
Remind me of that next time I get bored with a project halfway through. OK, maybe don't.

I decided on the roll neck and no the neck doesn't really sit like that - it is the top I am wearing underneath that has bunched up.


Ribby Pulli by Bonnie Marie Burns
I lengthened the body and added a ribbed roll neck instead of the patterns funnel neck.
Cascade heathers yarn purchased at I used 5 and a bit skeins.
Knit on 4mm addi turbos

Update on Miss B's request:

Incredible amounts of grovelling have happened. Incredibly amusing reasons as to why I should knit her a black jumper and she shouldn't have to knit it have also been forthcoming.
Reasons such as " But it's 'special'(insert sing-song voice) when you make it."
Accompanied by grins and giggles as she gets more outrageous with her sucking up.

I'm a suck. Yarn has been ordered.


amanda j said...

That is a gorgeous jumper. It looks fantastic!

Diane said...

Ribby Pulli looks wonderful. I can see why you love it so.

Chrisknits said...

I love it. It looks perfect on you. Glad it's done and now you can get on to those "special knits" for that oh so appreciative daughter. And be sure to hold its progress over her head for good behavior!

Anonymous said...

Lovely & worth all the effort - well done! See you Sunday?
Cheers, Frances

Melinda said...

Very nice - looks very professional!

2paw said...

The jumper is great. I love the Ribbiness of it!!! Worth the wait though it will be too hot to wear now!!!