Saturday, November 10, 2007

November, ribbing and yarn additions

It's November and there is a challenge I have seen floating about.
National Knit A Sweater Month.

Considering how I flit between projects I decided to give this a miss. I think I enjoy watching everyone else race to the finish line more than participating.

What I did decide to do was play with Noro in November after being inspired by all the Noro Knits I saw last November.

And just because I had nothing on the needles that wasn't at some point of needing concentration I started a beanie for Miss B's Uncle.

Miss B's Black yarn has arrived. Time for some craziness.

And as a reward for even considering to attempt black ribbed craziness 5 balls of Rustic Red Currant joined to order.

I did have plans for a wrap cardy but I think this yarn wants to be something else.


Chrisknits said...

Oh, pretty yarn, pretty colors! Looks like a bunch of knitting is going to be done there!

amanda j said...

Lovely yarn purchases! I really must get me some Bendy yarn!

Michelle said...

ooh!! yarn goodies!! however, i must say that i'd only use the rustic yarns for felting projects. i find it a bit scratchy to wear it next to skin :(

Anonymous said...

I love bendy's yarn! I need lots of Ink for school pullies but don't particularly enjoy knitting with dark yarn LOL. The Noro is knitting up very prettily as it usually does :-)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I wish for you lots of non-glarey sunshine for your inky knitting, and am very very curious about destiny of the Rustic Red Currant...!