Saturday, February 16, 2008

Knitting at last.

Thanks to the enablement of Donna and Kate I have been able to get back to the knitting.

Koolhaas is finished and modelled by the recipitant.

Did I enjoy knitting it? Yes

Does the reciptant love it? Yes

Does it look good on the recipitant? Yes

So far so good.

Do I look stupid in hats? Yes

Am I going to make one for myself anyway? Probably :)

Does kit care? Only if she can sit on it.


amanda j said...

Gorgeous hat! Welcome back to the knitting!

2paw said...

I have seen this hat a lot, it looks great!! I, too, look terrible in hats. I just have a cold head, though I do wear a Sun hat in Summer.

Life's little stuff said...

Hope the move went well. Seeya soon
Cheers Tina

Kate said...


I also look stupid in hats, but I am totally planning on making one of these for myself. And wearing it.

IT looks fantastic, btw...

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I look better in brimmed hats, but I look at koolhaas, and shedir and things like that, and I just crave their geometric beauty!!!
Lovely lovely work, m'dear