Saturday, February 02, 2008

Still surrounded by boxes...

It would seem that I am still surrounded by boxes.

While it is driving me crazy and it will get worse before it gets better, that the end result will be worth all the craziness.
There is yarn in one of those boxes isn't there?

At least we are no longer crawling under the kitchen table to get to the back door, a very elegant manuver at which the cats stared at us strangely for.

At the other end it was all go, go, go to get those boxes packed.
This end I have run out of puff and am taking my time unpacking.
It is a great chance to sort each box of stuff as I unpack and decide whether the contents are really relevent to our lives anymore.
More often than not I am finding that most of my stuff is just stuff and I kept it simply because I could. I am a great believer in 'I might need it one day'.

To counteract those boxes are the other boxes of which every item must be kept, even though there is no corelating home for them at this house. Finding homes for things in a half unpacked house is tricky.

The good news is that I am finally getting to the boxes that contain some yarn. (No, still no Koolhass pattern).
Mostly yarn I had forgotten about so far, so it has been fun to explore and see how my taste and yarn purchasing habits have changed over time.
Is it only me that shakes my head at some of the ' What was I thinking?' purchases?

One ball that did make it to the needles was a ball of Opal Hundertwassers in an Orange/ Yellow/ Green/Purple colourway. I think I bought this under Miss B's 'I like orange' influence. She has since changed to 'I like green and black'....... Ah well, looks like I will have yet another pair of very bright socks.

Now to hunt down the box containing my Bendigo Rustic to start my Project Spectrum project.


Donna said...

We moved here 8 years ago. About 2 years ago, I went out to the garage to look at the boxes that were still unpacked, and decided to donate them to charity without even looking at what was inside. If it had been there for 6 years, I didn't need it, but I knew if I opened them there'd be stuff I'd keep!

2paw said...

What a great opportunity. Glad the move went well too and hope you find your knitting SOON. Sometimes I lock myself out, well actually I lock myself out a lot, and I have to squeeze through the dog door. Well, The Labradors don;t know what to think of that!!!

Lynne said...

Ding ding ding! That is my moving bell dinging. LOL
I've just unpacked all our boxes from our move and still have half a dozen bags of Stuff to chuck or find homes for.
But at least I got to see my stash again and roll around in it. Also we never had to crawl under the (non-existant) kitchen table to get in our out ;-)

Chrisknits said...

Glad to see you breaking through the move. Just keep treading water! And no horror stories please, or I may never move when the time comes!

amanda j said...

Hm, I still have boxes under the house from our move 6 years ago. I think mostly they are full of books. Moving is so stressful! Take all the time you need to unpack!

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