Sunday, April 27, 2008

Discoveries and decisions.


Knitting is kicking my butt at the moment.

Gauge keeps lying to me and I find myself needing to reknit the body of Cobblestone.


Ignore the body for now and work on a sleeve.

Much more enjoyable than tempermental knitting was spending Thursday with Tigers and drooling over her spectacular sock yarn stash.
Otherwise known as the NOT Stash, everyone knows sock yarn doesn't count - right?

There are going to be some seriously warm feet in that house.


2paw said...

I usually start with a sleeve. I think doing the sleeve is an excellent decision. Yes, sock wool ISN'T stash!!!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hey gorgeous - is that a lovely sleeve I see before me? It is, and who could resist its charms and temptations??

(translation: go for it , baybeee!)

And life is kicking my knitting butt - this working for a living lark has whiskers on it sometimes!!