Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Inspired by the cuteness........

Just because it's cold and I wanted a quick fix, I started some Thuja's.

Burgundy Cleckheaton Country in 8Ply.

But then Miss B and I were distracted by the cuteness over on Donna's Blog and just had to have some for ourselves.

Seriously, when the teeneage member of the household is trying to figure out how to reach through the monitor and swipe a knitted project, even promissing to knit it herself (note: teenage inhabitant generally refuses to knit, so project must be super special), you get your hands on pattern and yarn quick smart.

Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to keep her interest, she has been distracted by a pumpkin headed person from a creative knitting Halloween issue, but at least she is knitting.

I have to try not to giggle every time I ask her to do something and she responds with "But I want to knit." or "When I finish this row."

The result is I get the privilege of knitting the Hedgehog :)

Half the back to go.


Donna said...

Gah! Now I want a blue one!!

tigers said...

He/she looks gorgeous, love the colour choice. You can make a whole family of hedgehogs!

Rachael said...

Hedge - Very cute! I love the colours too.

Nice sock! Is it a difficult one??? Would you recommend it to a sock virgin? I'm attemping the twisted sisters basic, and things are not going well with the short row heel!!!

Kris said...

I just looooooove cleckheaton country at the moment!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hey Jess, long time no comment - I'm a bad bloggy friend!
You know, it is just frightening - what was I thinking just yesterday about knitted socks and cold weather and how I should knit some Thujas??? And what exact colour of Country 8ply did I get out of my 8ply box to play with??? But by then I was going for gloves, found some Jet, put back the 8ply... And now you have stolen my opportunity to make burgundy Thujas!! I will just have to retaliate with pictures of cabled arm-warming goodness.

And I Heart Your Hedgehog, even in it's current state:>