Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A question

I ordered some yarn from somewhere overseas.

It has arrived but they sent the wrong colour.

I have e mailed them to let them know and they have replied asking "Do I want the correct colour sent?"

Duh, I want what I ordered, but I am unsure what happens if I say yes...........

Do they then send me the correct colour, but I pay for that yarn and postage?

Do I return the wrong coloured yarn, meaning I pay for postage on that?

I am not sure how it works out without me paying more money in some way, and I already stretched the budget to get the yarn in the first place.

Or do I just accept the colour that was sent to me?

How have you dealt with this issue?


Diane said...

I haven't dealt with wrong color yarn from overseas but yes I would tell them that you would like the correct color. I would not pay for shipping on the correct yarn nor would I pay for mailing the wrong yarn back to them. They should pay all shipping charges from this point on since it was their error.

If you like the color they sent and would like to keep that yarn then you could offer to pay for the yarn only however you aren't obligated to do this.

And as payment for my opinion a picture of the yarn and finished project is required. lol

Chrisknits said...

Their mistake. They should issue a credit for the cost of your shipping it back, or send a label with the correct order. No way should you be out the money on it. But you may have to pay to ship it back and then get a credit.

Kris said...

Why should you pay? It wasn't your mistake. Hope it works out for you!