Monday, May 26, 2008

Even cuter than I had imagined..........

I don't normally like soft toys or bears at all.

They don't do anything, the collect dust and they take up space that I could fill with yarn or books.

But somehow even I can't resist the hedgehog.

It's all Donna's fault, hers was soooooooooo cute and she even sent the eyes and nose so I just had to drop everything else and wrestle with the floof.

The hegdehog is done and I am totally sucked in by the cuteness. Thankyou Donna for being so evily enabling :)

Kit on the other hand isn't so sure about the blue floofiness and the attention it is getting from the humans.


Michelle said...

OMG. that has to be the cutest little knitted thingy i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!!!!

Donna said...

Always happy to help with the enabling ;)

2paw said...

Well that is so cute and even cuter with the poor cat being out-cuted by a knitted thing!!!!