Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Progress happens in a non orderly manner.

Why is it that as soon as I get close to finishing something I want to cast on something new?

I have several projects sooooooooooo close to being finished.
A few ends to weave in, washing and pictures to be taken. Nothing that would take a super long time if I focused and just did it. But knitting is fun and the one area I can totally ignore things like should and could. The biggest consequence likely to be that it will get cold and I will have to weave those ends in to wear something before I leave the house. Or just tuck them in my sleeve which is much more likely.

Miss B has added to the startitis this time. After paying me out about Porom and Gretel, she has decided she would like a slouchy hat after all. She has chosen the 'Slouchy Copy Cat Hat'.

K mart were nice and reduced their Cleckheaton Country yarn to $2 a ball. It looks like B may end with some mittens as well.

I am playing about with a few shawls as well as trying to focus on working on some older stuff too. For now that means I have picked up the fuzzy feet

and have been working on them as well as Damson

I still want another Ishbel and and and......


Rell said...

That is why I never start an item until one is finished because I would have a gazillion UFO's and none will go to charity.

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