Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bye Bye Damson = Destash

Sometimes a project just sits around niggling at you. Not growing or getting any closer to being finished, but still taking up space both in your home and your head.

Currently Damson is that project.

Problem #1 I have managed to stuff up somewhere and my stitch count is out, by 1, but I can't see where.

Problem #2 I really don't like it enough to spend the time fixing when I can cast on something I like much better.

Solution - Destash.

7 balls moda vera angora blend in teal + 2 currently knitted up
2 balls moda vera angora blend in brown

I am asking $8 for the yarn + postage.

Let me know if you want the knitted part frogged and rewound or you would like to play with it as is and I will thread some yarn through the live stitches.

Anyone interested?