Thursday, December 30, 2004

Deceptive Socks

And to think I actually thought I was at the point where these socks became difficult ........ I was only at the point where you decrease for god knows how many centimetres BEFORE you finally start on the heel. So have only done about 6 rows of the heel flap before giving up and falling asleep at an incredibly late hour........ only to find myself awake at an even stranger hour.
Rambling, rambling...... yes I know...... well I am allowed to as I havent had a cup of tea or even any chocolate yet hence brain is all slush.

Have to say am soooooo very tempted by the reopening of the shops........ I managed to avoid it yesterday..... but today would seem to be another matter entirely..Why is it that shops hold so much appeal........ when he truth is I have everything I need right here, if Im honest I have more than enough........ actually have so much stuff that I can't find a home for it all.........SSSSHHHHhhhh I never admitted that. I just want to spend a rather hot day 31 here ok thats about 85 to most of you........ on buses (ewwwww) to the other side of town....... sheeeesh this is going to take hours just to go and look in a couple of lil shops that might....... and only might have some different yarn than the usual stuff available in Lincraft or spot light. Ohhhhh this is gonna be such a long day

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