Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scarey Times

After obsessing and being told I am being overprotective by certain people I had almost decided that at nearly 13 Miss B could possibly be let walk to and from school on her own.

Realistically Miss B is responsible enough to do this although I do have concerns about one of the busy roads between our house and the school.
This was all settling in my brain as being something I have to let her do in order to let her grow up and become independant.

That was until I picked her up from school today.

There was a man standing by the school fence as I walked through the gate. As I met up with Miss B,
I was also approached by two teachers who had come out to make sure the kids left ok as this man had been taking pictures of the kids and making inappropriate suggestions to them.
The police were called but meanwhile the man was still standing there and had decided to put his hand down his pants and have a play right there in front of us. He had no problem that we knew what he was doing and seemed in no rush to leave. He had this big smile on his face. Ewwwwwwwwww.

I left with Miss B and somehow the walking home from school on her own doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon.

Miss B suddenly seems more than happy to have an overprotective mother who picks her up and embarrasses her in front of her friends as she is totally aware of what sorts of things this man may have decided to do if there were no other adults around. He really scared her.

I will also be making a request to the school that teachers watch this exit point to the school as it is often left unsupervised as fewer children seem to use it................ all the more reason to watch it.

Ok Knitting.......... um a little more of the beanie got done..... I normally would have finished it but a book distrated me........ funny about that.


Donna said...

Did anyone whip out a mobile phone and take his picture? That's wehat I would've done. Bet he wouldn't have liked to have the tables turned.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I'm so glad to see Miss B understands why you are protective. And my 2-cents: Not only would I have taken his photo, but I would have had it posted on the local site that shows who the molesters are and where they live! Oh, and I'd make sure I had a bb gun or some sort of slingshot so I could throw stones at him too! Go GET 'em Jess!!

Tigers said...

That is frightening!
How can they do this to our kids, I hope the police came quickly and found him.
After that other horrible thing in Perth this week, our kids are just not safe. I'm one of those overprotective mothers and this justifies my reasons.