Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pervert man update

Unfortunately no one had a camera of anysort on them except pervert man.

The mas was arrested................ and is now out on bail. BLAH

The man lives almost right next to the school so the protection order stating he must not enter the school or approach any students seems totally irrelevant........ toilet paper has more value.

The school have disscussed the issue with all students in all classes but weren't too keen on letting parents have much information.

I pointed out all the parents that now work or study ( thanks John Howard) that are now unable to walk their kids to school and won't know what has happend as kids don't always come home and tell their parents these things, they forget or they don't always understand the importance or they just want to go and play.

So I finally got them to say they will send out a basic letter but it may not state all the information due to legalities.

Huh??? Who cares about legalities? He is the one doing something wrong.

But anyways that's all good for now but if I am not happy with whatever letter makes it home or no letter makes it home, I will be making sure parents get told what really happened and that this man lives right there and wont be going away. That this is an ongoing danger for their kids........... the school wasn't too happy with that but agreed that I can do that as I am not tied up in their legality crap.

I was there, I saw him, I saw what he did and I have the right to tell whoever I want. To be honest it's not even a right, it's a duty to protect the kids and parents can't protect their kids if they don't know what is going on.

I'm sure every other parent at that school would rather know about it than have something happen later and find out the school knew about this guy but didn't warn them.

Blah, now to go and walk past where this guy lives ( no I don't know specific house number but I know within which block) hope he is outside so I can slap him ( ok maybe not, I don't actually want to touch him) and go and pick up Miss B from school.

I WILL be taking my camera!!!!!

And my mobile.

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Kylie said...

This is just horrible after what happened in Perth this week you can not be to careful.I hope all the children take care. Good Luck!