Saturday, July 01, 2006

They say nothing

Not much happening with Mr Pervert man, he seems to be hiding for now. The school sent home a pathetic letter about not using certain gates but not saying why at all. I spent thurday and friday afternoons talking to other parents letting them know what is going on and walking the looooooooong way around to avoid the gates we are no longer allowed to use. I'm sorry but not using gates doesn't remove Mr Pervert. Perhaps a petition of some sort will???
How would I go about wording that??
Suggestions please.

And knitting........ one waffle sock done and one black beanie done.

And school... one presentation still floating about in my head and nothing much of it done. 5% perhaps eeekk!!!


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Being the devious mind I am, I would take an ad out in the paper and discuss EVERYTHING about that jerk in it, or better yet, write a letter to the newpaper editor asking his/her opinion on what to do. Maybe by playing devil's advocate a fracas can start to ensure everyone is aware of this horrible man. But that's me... ;)

knit twits said...

Wow, things seem.. interesting in your end of town. And surprisingly there has been no report of this at all in the media. Especially since the incident with that poor girl in Perth.
In regards to media, and doing something while also keeping your name clean, try the papers. Anonymous letter to the editor describing what happened. Just keep your head down, if Mr Pervert man has a mental illness there are all sorts of legal ramifications (D is beside me explaining it all to me). And by getting the paper to do your investigating, apart from them having contacts with police and such, they will be the ones who will know if they can then go really public with what they find. Also gets you out of being accused of being a stalker or crazy photographing lady.
In reply to your comment on our blog, our stash seems to be safe. The moths prefer the food cupboard, more yummies in there I guess. The supermarkets also sell these moth traps with pheremones in them, so the moths are tricked into thinking they are about to get lucky, instead they get stuck to glue.