Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A little housekeeping....

Finally. My progress bars are fixed and I have added some more to the list of things I want to make. The list is of course longer but these are the things I really really want to make.

What I really need to do is some housekeeping in the house instead of just on the computer. But of course knitting is more fun, so I have the second pair of
fetching finished. I put them on to see how they fit and haven't taken them off since.

Now that I have made something for myself of course Miss B has put an order in. I kind of feel like making something different now but I guess I better make her a pair or she will just steal mine. Maybe if I just start hers, she won't notice when I put it down to work on something else.

What I want to start is a scarf. I have one that I made a while ago but it is very drapey and squishes down and doesn't keep my neck warm so it doesn't get a lot of wear.

So I am thinking of frogging it and coming up with something a bit chunkier and warmer. Maybe an Irish hiking scarf to keep with the cable theme of the fetchings but I haven't decided yet. Suggestions are welcome.

And ooooops, I think I just mentally added to the "I want one list"
Over on
2paws blog is her finished Bolshoi and it's making me want to rush out and buy yarn and start one right now.

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