Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fetching 2

Fetching 2 off my hands for 2 seconds so I could quickly take a pic.
The colours appear a bit more muted in person but I love them. I can see myself making more of these later as I am going to want some for when these are in the wash. They may need constant washing as the cats have already tried to spill a cup of tea all over them this morning.

Off to start Miss B's pair and try and sqeeze in an appointment at the Dr's.

Miss B has an ingrown toenail..... surgery was recommended.
Now that the surgery date is near it seems to be pretty much healed of it's own accord. Typical. The infection has gone but it's still a bit lumpy. So I want to see if it will be ok on it's own now or if she still needs the surgery. I am hoping the former for her sake as well as mine. I really don't think I can sit in the room with her and watch them cut her toe up. I know she will want me in the room with her, but I just want to be far away so I don't have to watch.

I can happily watch Doctors give me needles and things but not on my little girl.


Donna said...

I'm the same, my mum had to take Emily for all her vaccinations when she was a baby. I used to sit in the waiting room. And she was sick one time and had to have a drip in her arm. The ex had to stay with her for that, I nearly fainted.
On the other hand, I needed a blood test when she was about 2, and she sat huddled in the corner of the doctors office screaming her head off. We're a pair ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, pretty! I want to make some of those!