Sunday, July 02, 2006

Spotlight Knitting Party

I went to the Port Adelaide store and there were people turning up all day.

They had put aside 4 tables that normally have their sewing machine displays on them and yes the yarn was acrylic and the needles were the cheap bamboo ones and most were knitting squares for charity.
But others had brought in their own projects and were more than happy to share patterns and teach new methods.

The staff happily photocopied for us and provided continuous tea, coffee and hot chocolate (which Miss B loved).
They also gave demonstrations on invisible cast ons and how to change colours in your work. As well as a raffle where you had to guess the meterage of an unseen 10 balls of yarn.

Appart from having to finalise it with management they are also looking at having a knitting group of their own on the first saturday of the month.

People were constantly coming in as others left so there was a continual state of the tables being occupied and I did manage to interest one lady into some felting and others want sock yarn so not everyone wanted acrylic.

One of their staff members said she wants to come to our group on Sunday so I hope she does. She is one of the ones who also wants to knit with nicer yarns and will be trying to get some sock yarn into the stores .

Others were giving demonstrations of crotchet and explaining hwo they make particular blankets.. sounds like a lot of work to me and another lady was teaching tricot, no idea how you spell that but anyway this used a needle that looks like a big knitting needle with a crotchet hook on the end. Looked like it could be fun.

So considering what I thought it may turn out to be I had a great time and learnt lots and Miss B has turned into a hot chocolate.


Tigers said...

Darn, sounds like we missed a good one. Unfortunately Miss A had been home sick since Thursday and it was too cold and wet to drag her out.
Fingers crossed on Spotlight getting sock yarns in.
The monthly meetings would be good too!

Donna said...

Our spotlight doesn't believe in real wool. And the staff argued with me, stelling me that Cleckheaton Country *does* felt. I didn't even bother with the knit in. But purs has a Gloria Jeans right outside, so Em is convinced that it's against the law to go to Spotlight and *not* have a hot chocolate!

knit twits said...

Big tip when when looking for yarn that felts, if it saying anything about washing in a washing machine, even if only gentle, then it has been prewashed and won't felt. Generally the good stuff for felting comes with warnings like 'Hand Wash only'.
Also try the Harvest yarn from Spotlight, and the Woolly Wool at Harris Scarf. There is also a wool at Big W that specifies that it is suitable for felting. Can't remember it off the top of my head. And if you're serious about felting something large, Bendigo Woollen Mills Colonial felts beautifully. That's what I made my bag out of.
My method involves a washing machine full of hot water from the tap, dish detergent (some laundry liquids can hinder the felting processes) and a pair of jeans or two. And if I can still see the stitches, then I give it another go (generally I only wash two pairs of jeans at a time so I can have more for next felt.)