Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just so you know

In responce to Donna's comment and her spotlight staff's ignorance.

Cleckheaton country does NOT felt.

I have tried it and all it does is get bigger and bigger and produce more and more fluffballs. Actually by the end of it I am surprised there was any yarn left as I had removed so much fluff from the washing machine and dryer.
Yep I tried everything I could think of to make it felt and it just wouldn't.

3 times through the whole wash cycle in hot water. With cold rinse.
Extremes in temperature alone should have done something if it was gonna felt.
Water straight from the kettle added to make the water hotter.
Whole thing thrown in the dryer and left on the hot dry cycle.
Nope not one bit of felting happened.

I just ended up with a huge yarny thing which I ended up undoing....... yes I was able to unravel this yarn no problem, just fluffy bits coming off all over the place as I unwound it.

So nope it doesn't felt................ but panda woolbale does as does lincraft's cozy wool.

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