Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Studying = Startitis???

Studying sure seems to equal not much knitting and even less blogging. One essay is done, one presentation still needs to be done and a few other smaller pieces are still floating about. Hurry up holidays.

I also have a really strong desire to catch a million buses and go drool over some really nice yarn. I have more than enough yarn here and not enough time to knit it all, and yet this really wants to take priority over any study regardless of impending deadlines. EEEK!

Stolen from the fisherperson and ends sewn in we have finished mittens

And started instead of studying are the waffle socks

Another thing that seems to happen when I am studying is that I loose things and leave things behind in strange places.

So far this week I have lost my 4.5 mm dpn's, my blue opal socks and I have left my new magnetic board at the counter when I bought a hotdog.

Funny how I only seem to be loosing knitterly related things.............

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Great mittens! Somehow I have strange urge to knit winter stuff during summer time (and vice versa!)
Such a nice coloure for waffle sock!
BTW, I am too constantly loosing knitting related items - but I can thank it to my kids!