Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pervert man update

Unfortunately no one had a camera of anysort on them except pervert man.

The mas was arrested................ and is now out on bail. BLAH

The man lives almost right next to the school so the protection order stating he must not enter the school or approach any students seems totally irrelevant........ toilet paper has more value.

The school have disscussed the issue with all students in all classes but weren't too keen on letting parents have much information.

I pointed out all the parents that now work or study ( thanks John Howard) that are now unable to walk their kids to school and won't know what has happend as kids don't always come home and tell their parents these things, they forget or they don't always understand the importance or they just want to go and play.

So I finally got them to say they will send out a basic letter but it may not state all the information due to legalities.

Huh??? Who cares about legalities? He is the one doing something wrong.

But anyways that's all good for now but if I am not happy with whatever letter makes it home or no letter makes it home, I will be making sure parents get told what really happened and that this man lives right there and wont be going away. That this is an ongoing danger for their kids........... the school wasn't too happy with that but agreed that I can do that as I am not tied up in their legality crap.

I was there, I saw him, I saw what he did and I have the right to tell whoever I want. To be honest it's not even a right, it's a duty to protect the kids and parents can't protect their kids if they don't know what is going on.

I'm sure every other parent at that school would rather know about it than have something happen later and find out the school knew about this guy but didn't warn them.

Blah, now to go and walk past where this guy lives ( no I don't know specific house number but I know within which block) hope he is outside so I can slap him ( ok maybe not, I don't actually want to touch him) and go and pick up Miss B from school.

I WILL be taking my camera!!!!!

And my mobile.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scarey Times

After obsessing and being told I am being overprotective by certain people I had almost decided that at nearly 13 Miss B could possibly be let walk to and from school on her own.

Realistically Miss B is responsible enough to do this although I do have concerns about one of the busy roads between our house and the school.
This was all settling in my brain as being something I have to let her do in order to let her grow up and become independant.

That was until I picked her up from school today.

There was a man standing by the school fence as I walked through the gate. As I met up with Miss B,
I was also approached by two teachers who had come out to make sure the kids left ok as this man had been taking pictures of the kids and making inappropriate suggestions to them.
The police were called but meanwhile the man was still standing there and had decided to put his hand down his pants and have a play right there in front of us. He had no problem that we knew what he was doing and seemed in no rush to leave. He had this big smile on his face. Ewwwwwwwwww.

I left with Miss B and somehow the walking home from school on her own doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon.

Miss B suddenly seems more than happy to have an overprotective mother who picks her up and embarrasses her in front of her friends as she is totally aware of what sorts of things this man may have decided to do if there were no other adults around. He really scared her.

I will also be making a request to the school that teachers watch this exit point to the school as it is often left unsupervised as fewer children seem to use it................ all the more reason to watch it.

Ok Knitting.......... um a little more of the beanie got done..... I normally would have finished it but a book distrated me........ funny about that.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sneaky knitterly things

Knitting seems to be incredibly sneaky at the moment. Seemingly all on it's own a beanie has been started, nothing to do with the fact that I have a couple of busses to catch later and want something I don't need to concentrate on........

And resurfacing from wherever it was hiding is the blue opal sock.

I'm still not sure that I totally love this but I am liking how it looked knitted in rib a lot more than I liked it plain.

Even more sneaky was the book that followed me home on Sunday and insisted I start reading it straight away.

I am loving this book, I love how it is all what I would say about knitting, but said so much better than I could ever say it.

Go and say hi to Helen and Denise, they are new to blogland and I am hoping they are going to teach their cat to knit. ( Just so then it can teach my cats to knit and they can then do all the boring bits like cast on and sew up)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Studying = Startitis???

Studying sure seems to equal not much knitting and even less blogging. One essay is done, one presentation still needs to be done and a few other smaller pieces are still floating about. Hurry up holidays.

I also have a really strong desire to catch a million buses and go drool over some really nice yarn. I have more than enough yarn here and not enough time to knit it all, and yet this really wants to take priority over any study regardless of impending deadlines. EEEK!

Stolen from the fisherperson and ends sewn in we have finished mittens

And started instead of studying are the waffle socks

Another thing that seems to happen when I am studying is that I loose things and leave things behind in strange places.

So far this week I have lost my 4.5 mm dpn's, my blue opal socks and I have left my new magnetic board at the counter when I bought a hotdog.

Funny how I only seem to be loosing knitterly related things.............

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Knitting in Public

I spent Sunday afternoon upstairs in the state library knitting for wwkipday. Lots of knitting got done and the shawl has grown.
I was inspired by other knitters and have a few more items in my possible to do list. Em was making some really cozy looking slippers and I want some.Tigers was making a scarf in some really scrummy looking yarn, the sort you just want to run off with and cuddle up to. Others were using colours I wouldn't normally choose myself, but I liked how they looked knitted up. All in all definately a day to consider new projects and I came home and reassessed the stash. Some yarn I wasn't so keen on may be resurected yet.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mittens are done!

No I didn't run out of yarn, but I did stay up late to get them done so C could wear them fishing.
The seaming was horrid, one day I will learn how, till then I think I will stick with making things in the round.
Having said that, C loved them so much I didn't get a pic before he ran off with them, a couple of metres of yarn still attached and not one end sewn in. He just shoved any excess bits into the mitten and off he went.
I guess fish don't need impressing.