Sunday, December 02, 2007

Flitting all over the place

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time just staring off into space and wondering why we are here.

Why do some people die early and others seem to live forever?

Do each of us really have something we are meant to achieve in this lifetime?

If so, what is it?

Losing someone close also makes you look a little more closely at your own life.

Am I living in a way that makes me happy?

Am I really focusing on the goals that matter?

Do I still want what I previously wanted?

What do I want the most?

All of this in an attempt to deny the reality of just how little control we have in our lives and how much it scares me.

Luckily I can control yarn and needles.

The back of miss B's BlackBlackBlack Jumper

A Blue sock in Patonyle.

A Sleeve in Noro.

And Crochet.

Inspired by the dishclothes I saw over at Brainylady's I decided to give these a go.

Shush about the fact that mine came out as a long rectangle. I just kept going till the ball of cotton ran out.

And Thankyou to those of you who left messages or e mailed. It means a lot.


Chrisknits said...

We can never really know what we are here for. Sometimes there are no answers, but to just be and live. Do we have to make a difference? Do we have to have a high level of meaning to our life? Or can't we just be happy in ourselves and what we love. I seriously try to avoid the heavy thinking arena. Not everything has to be deep or have significant meaning. But when you lose someone, your foundation will take a shaking. How you handle the tremors is up to you.
I wish you peace right now.

picklesticks said...

I love your green crochet. I have been thinking about dishcloths for a while now. Now I am inspired!

amanda j said...

Perhaps that is the allure of knitting and crochet? That we can completely control the outcome. We can start again, choose colours, make something shorter or longer, or make it disappear altogether. Take comfort in your family and the kindness of strangers.

sue said...

It is scary thinking that really we dont have total control over how long we live, but we do control how we live to a certain extent. I think realising this made me wonder why we are here too, and perhaps we will never know the answer. I just hope that we go to a good place once we're gone as no-one has come back complaining yet.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

your ten days has obviously had a lot of thinking-and-knitting time... I hope you find that the knitting gives you the breathing space to sort through the thoughts and feelings without being overwhelmed.

On a more frivolous note, go the Black3, intriguing dishclothy thingy - what's the texture like? and what are you knitting from the Noro?

Kris said...

I love the sock! That's what I'm going to make when I grow up!

Life's little stuff said...

I'm making dishcloths too - from the cotton you gave me - please don't ask for it back LOL
though there is some left , if you need it : )
huggs Tina