Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Argh what a dilemma I find myself in.
I have been GIVEN some wool...... But then I find there are conditions..... I can have it if I make a jumper for a friends son out of it......Well there goes nearly half of it.
Then said friend wants me to make her a Sophie out of the purple ( of which there is very little and was the only colour I really liked out of all of it)
Said wool is rapidly diminishing before my eyes and it appears I am to be left with a pile of brown wool that I wouldn't personally buy and would only maybe use for a market bag. Really doesn't seem to be reward enough for the time that would be involved in making a jumper for someone else when id prefer to make a jumper for my own child.
As it is the child that the jumper is intended for doesn't even want a knitted jumper......says he would NEVER wear it.
He is at that age where knitted stuff just isn't cool and I have to say the choices of either brown or a really scary bright blue aren't very attractive.
Friend wanted me to use the blue for the jumper cause she didn't like the brown.
Personally don't think id use either cooler for anything id want my child wearing. But colours were chosen by her mother in law so she is just choosing what she prefers of the two.

Think I'll just return the wool as its actually quite insulting to think that this person thinks my time and effort is only worth a jumpers worth of ugly wool.

Am actually annoyed that this mother in law hasn't listened to her grandson when he has told her he doesn't want a knitted jumper.

It would be one thing if she was making a jumper for him herself.
But I know if I made this jumper id be hating every damn stitch of it, knowing that the recipitant isn't going to appreciate the effort involved and would hate it.
It would take all the fun out of knitting for me.

And knitting should always be fun......

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