Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Whoot!!! One down and one to go......

Well I did it...... finally. I finished THE sock........ About time I know.
Only problem is , now I still have another one to do and I am already designing a million colour combinations and patterns for other socks I want to make. The only real problem here is that I actually have two feet and think I will lose interest in any pair of socks I want to make once the first one is done.... maybe I will just start wearing all odd socks so I only ever have to make one of each..

Hmmm will consider that idea for a while and see if I can come up with a better solution.
There are just ssooooooooo many things I want to make and I just cant knit fast enough...... or keep interested long enough to finish a whole heap. I tend to have about 6 things going at any one time...... but on the up side when they are finally completed it seems like a lot of things get finished all at once.
So far this year I have one green sock and one purple fluffy scarf made.. so much more to go......
Who knows...... maybe I will get more done now that I am actually keeping track of what I have done.

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