Friday, January 07, 2005


Password.......... what do you mean password??? Actually I should be saying........ What do you mean that isnt the right password???
I cant help it if I opened said membership months ago and so of course now dont remember the password.

This was what I was thinking when trying to post a message on a messageboard and it wouldnt accept my post cause I wasnt logged in........ so I try and log in and of course I cant.
OK so I try and just open a new account ..... ooops lol.
But of course it tells me there is already a member using that e mail address...... ARGH!!!!
YES YES I know I should write my passwords to such things down but I always think I will remember them as they are usually something pretty odd at the time.

SO of course I sit there for twenty minutes trying different oddness to see what kind of mood I may have been in when I opened account. But of course I cant remember at all........ Just get to sit there and laugh at some of the crazy passwords I have used at times... ( the crazy ones that I remember anyway )
Well yeah ok enough about my annoyance...... am actually in a pretty good mood..... am expecting a package of cd's and dvd's to arrive very soon so am all excited YAY!!!!

Reminds me I have to get off my butt and send some packages myself so others can be just as excited by their mail delivery person....... damn it would help if our postie was attractive :P he he

Is quite amazing how we "meet " ppl on line and think we get to know them...... but then when it comes time to send them something we suddenly realise we arent quite so sure about what they will or wont like.....that maybe we dont know them quite as well as we previously thought. We suddenly doubt ourselves and our friendships and have that lil bit of doubt that maybe these on line friendships arent real after all...... that maybe all our real friends ( the ones who dont bother getting on line ) were right and that you cant really get to know a person on line. But then magic happens.......... things suddenly fall into place and you know exactly what they will like and you find that you seem to know these on line friends soooo much better than you do your supposed real friends......
Maybe just for the fact alone that on line its all expressed in words...... so if someone types Id like a blue hat........ well there is no mistaking the fact that they actually want a blue hat........ we tend not to communicate that clearly in person for some reason.... Its all messed about and said in amongst a heap of irrelevant stuff so by the end of a converstaion you are left wondering...... did they say they wanted a hat? or did they just kinda like the one they saw in the shop but dont actually want one???

Hence the wonderful tool I have found in leaving notes for my family...... they can eiher reply by note or chat about said topic.. but it means we are all clear about what I want to communicate about.
Might be as simple as " I want to go to the shops at whatever time.... so can you put all washing out before then" for some reson this works so much better than if i actually ask in person........... request seems not to be so conveneiantly forgotten 2 seconds after i have made it this way......... notes also gives ppl a chance to think about what they want to say before they say it...... so avoids a lot saying things and then regretting it latter. is easier to stay on topic when writing cause your hand gets tired so you just say what is needed and then leave it.
HA!!! Like I stay on topic here LOL
But hey this is different........ this is my place to just dribble on...... and on...... and on :P
Anyways enough dribble.......

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