Saturday, August 05, 2006

And my brain is where???

I seem to be having one of those days where my brain just refuses to function. After forgetting to boil the kettle for my cup of tea this morning I thought I would go and have a shower while blogger decided if it would load pictures today or not.

I then tried to wash my hair with conditioner instead of shampoo....... was wondering why there were no bubbles.

I am almost to scared to pick up any knitting today in case I mix that up too.

Anyway here are the pictures blogger was holding out on.
Is there some kind of bribe /sacrifice /offering thing with blogger I don't know about cause it sure seems to like keeping my pictures for itself.

The Shawl that finally ended.

And the sock that got forgotten.

Ok not forgotten but I just couldn't seem to get around to that heel for months.

Now do I try and make my brain function and knit or just go back to bed???


Donna said...

Yay!! The shawl looks excellent!

Sharon said...

The photos are lovely, worth the wait. I have been finding Blogger a little testy with the photo posting lately, it says they have successfully uploaded but it lies!!!

2paw said...

Blogger can be boogelly!! Lovely shawl. Very glad that it did finish!!! I hate it when I go to take that last mouthful of my cup of tea - and I have already done it. I have to make a whole new pot then!!!

sandra said...

Great work on shawl! Now, about that question - go to bed, but take knitting with you!